Fox International Productions has bought World War II thriller “Silent Night” from White Horse Pictures and plans to co-finance with White Horse.

The companies are looking to start production on the film in 2017 in Europe, with Fox distributing worldwide.

James Luckard wrote the screenplay, set in 1941 Berlin, where a brutal serial killer roams the blacked-out streets, targeting young women. Determined to keep the nation focused on the war effort, Nazi leadership tasks a homicide detective with tracking down the killer. He’s forced to ally himself with the only living authority on the mind of a serial killer – a renowned Jewish criminal psychologist.

Fox International Productions President Tomas Jegeus commented: “James’ script is incredible, pulling me in from page one with its moody, mysterious setting and unexpected twists. It’s set in one of the most disturbing periods in history, which only adds more intrigue and suspense.”

White Horse Pictures’ Nigel Sinclair and Nicholas Ferrall will produce along with Peter Dealbert of Pacific View Management. White Horse’s Cassidy Hartmann will serve as executive producer and Jeanne Elfant Festa as co-executive producer. David Whitney introduced the project to White Horse, and will also serve as a co-executive producer.

Fox and White Horse are currently looking to hire a director for the project.

Luckard, a Virginia native and USC film school graduate, is an historian with expertise in World War II and Cold War/Soviet Studies. He is represented by Peter Dealbert and attorney David Fox.

White Horse is represented by attorney Dan Stutz of Stutz Law Corporation.