Film Factory, Mod, Board Caetano’s ‘Sun’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Leonardo Sbaraglia, Daniel Hendler star in anticipated high-profile Argentine title

Beneath the Burning Sun - Leonardo
Courtesy - Film Factory

Film Factory and Mod Producciones have both boarded film noir “Beneath the Burning Sun,” from Israel Adrian Caetano, one of the driving forces of the New Argentine Cinema.

Vicente Canales’ Film Factory, which sold hits “Wild Tales” and “The Clan,” has acquired world sales rights and will introduce “Burning Sun” to buyers at the European Film Market.

“Burning Sun” is lead-produced by Argentina’s Rizoma Cinema, headed by Hernan Musaluppi and Natacha Cervi, and stars Leonardo Sbaraglia (“Wild Tales”) and Daniel Hendler (“Lost Embrace”); it is being co-produced by Mod (“Biutiful”), as well as Uruguay’s Oriental Features and France’s Gloria Films.

Currently shooting, “Burning Sun” is set in an Argentinian town where the enforcers of the once repressive apparatus of the country’s dictatorship still go about their business, such as killing people. When his mother and brother are gunned down, Cetarti (Hendler) arrives to collect their life insurance, which involves falling in with the town’s chief, Duarte (Sbaraglia), a friend of his mother’s murderer who runs a sideline in kidnapping, and aiding their racketeering.

“Israel Adrian Caetano is one of the most talented international directors working today. He has a unique and universal vision,” Canales said.