The documentary “Three Days in Auschwitz,” produced by filmmaker Philippe Mora and musician Eric Clapton, has been set for a Sept. 9 release in North America by Vision Films, Variety has learned exclusively.

Australian filmmaker Mora was a second-generation holocaust survivor who lost eight members of his family at Auschwitz. For many years, he was unaware of the role his father played in the French Resistance and the story of how his mother had evaded certain death at Auschwitz.

In the film, Mora traces the people who lived through the horrors of concentration camps and discovers how his own life might have been ended before he was even born. Clapton co-produced, composed and performed the original score, which is not available for sale and can only be heard by viewing the film.

“I thought it better to make a very personal film so that people could relate to it rather than try to make an objective documentary, which would have been impossible,” Mora said.

Mora’s credits include “Howling II & III,” “Death of a Soldier,” “Brother Can You Spare A Dime,” “Swastika” and “Mad Dog Morgan.”

“Three Days in Auschwitz” will be released in about a dozen markets on Sept. 9 along with a VOD and DVD release. The screening events will also include a selection of short film segments from Mora’s other films on the subject, “Monsieur Mayonnaise” and “German Sons” and a Q&A.