A spokesman for WME Entertainment said that the agency had no plans to work on a film for the Republican National Convention, after Donald Trump suggested in an interview that agency chieftan Ari Emanuel had offered to take charge of the project.

Trump is a former agency client and talks to Emanuel, the spokesman said. WME/IMG also purchased the Miss Universe Pageant from the Trump Organization last year.

In an interview with Michael Wolff in the Hollywood Reporter, Trump said that Emanuel was a “very good friend of mine” and that he had offered to take on the convention project.

But Emanuel is a longtime Democrat, and has given to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. His brother, Rahm, is the mayor of Chicago and former chief of staff to President Obama.

It’s fairly typical for presidential nominees to enlist Hollywood figures for their biographical convention films. Davis Guggenheim directed Barack Obama’s movie in 2008, and Robert Duvall narrated a movie for John McCain that same year.