Chaotic Good Studios has tapped five show business veterans to develop multi-platform franchises across film, television, gaming, and digital, Variety has learned exclusively.

The two-year-old company is headed by Luke Ryan, a former executive at Disruption Entertainment, MGM, MTV Films, and New Line. It recently hired producer Corey Sienega as president of development and production, and writer-director John Wikstrom as director of creative affairs.

The Chaotic Good Franchise Lab is a paid fellowship and collaborative year-long venture for established writers and content creators from diverse backgrounds who take original ideas and learn how establish story universes that can live across multiple platforms. Each year, the lab will result in a minimum of 25 original franchises that will encompass a range of genres.

Nearly half of the projects will be family-friendly and several will also be geared towards the Chinese marketplace. The participants are:

  • Andrew Allen worked for Relativity Television as an associate producer for three years until his spec screenplay “Inferno” landed him an agent. He wrote the feature film adaptation of a video game franchise for Electronic Arts.
  • Christian Gossett is the concept designer behind the “double-bladed light saber” that became Darth Maul’s signature weapon in “The Phantom Menace.” Gossett’s character and concept designs have been sought by Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, and Richard Taylor. He has also designed games for Activision, Sega, Namco, and Microsoft.
  • Bryan Edward Hill’s screenplays include “Gone” (Universal), “Phantom” (Paramount), “Rising” (Sony), and the upcoming film adaptation of the Square Enix video game “Just Cause.” He has sold comics to Top Cow Productions, including “Postal,” “Eden’s Fall,” “Cyberforce: Artifacts,” and “Aphrodite V.”
  • April Rouveyrol produced numerous plays, including the Heideman Award finalist “A Kink in the Release” and “Ramayana 2k4.” Her screenplays include “Life Copy,” a Nicholl Fellowship and Austin Film Festival finalist; “Realm Master” (co-written with Topher Grace); “American Child” (Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist), and “Once in a Lifetime” for Star Thrower Entertainment.
  • Elissa Vann Struth’s screenplays and short stories have won competitions, including Canada’s CBC Literary Prizes, the LA Comedy Fest, and the fiction storyteller’s award from the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. Her television pilot “Mafya” was shopped under Mary Parent’s Disruption Entertainment banner with director Vadim Perelman attached.

Ryan said, “We are fortunate to have assembled such a talented group for our first cycle of the Lab. Beyond being great storytellers, they understand the intricacies of creating expansive story universes that organically grow across multiple platforms. This is a brilliant and diverse group that we wholeheartedly believe in as creators.”

Chaotic Good makes use of its own analytics tool Fanalytics, which provides data that compliments what traditional tracking and ratings don’t take into account — such as audience engagement and behavior. The goal is to help brands better understand how consumers are engaging on a global scale and use the research to develop new worlds for existing properties with storylines that can live on any platform.