Celebrities and public figures are rushing to Twitter to wish Carrie Fisher a speedy recovery after she went into full cardiac arrest while aboard a plane on Friday.

The “Star Wars” actress is now in stable condition after suffering a massive heart attack while in transit from London to Los Angeles. L.A. County Fire Department paramedics performed CPR on Fisher upon landing and rushed her to a local hospital.

Harrison Ford released a statement to express his concern for Fisher and wish her well. “I’m shocked and saddened to hear the news about my dear friend. Our thoughts are with Carrie, her family and friends,” he wrote.

William Shatner tweeted a photo with Fisher and wrote, “All I want for Christmas…”

Many of her “Star Wars” costars took to social media to send well wishes.”Sending all our love” to Fisher, Mark Hamill tweeted.

Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the “Star Wars” franchise, wrote on Twitter, “Thoughts and prayers for our friend and everyone’s favorite princess right now.”

Many sent Fisher words of comfort and encouragement, including “Stranger Things” actor Gaten Matarazzo, who wrote “May the force be with you @carrieffisher.”

Others expressed dismay at the turn of events, even blaming 2016 for the incident. Patton Oswalt tweeted: “GODDAMIT 2016 ENOUGH ALREADY.”

Comedian Billy Eichner wrote: “We are NOT losing @carrieffisher. Do you hear me? We are NOT losing @carrieffisher. Love you @carrieffisher.”

Read more reactions below:

“Send love prayers and the kitchen sink to my sister @carrieffisher F— no. F— no.” – Courtney Love Cobain

“I hope Princess Carrie Fisher Leia is ok.” – Roxane Gay

“So much love being sent to you @carrieffisher.” – Christina Applegate

“I ask everyone to stop for a moment and send special thoughts to @carrieffisher.” – William Shatner

“Sending all of my best thoughts out to @carrieffisher and those around her. We want you around for a very long long time.” – Michael Giacchino

“All prayers and well wishes to @carrieffisher for a full and speedy recovery!” – Robert Liefeld

“Much much much much much much love going out to Carrie Fisher right now. Please please please be well.” – Jon Cryer

“No. No. No. Praying for #CarrieFisher.” – Josh Gad

“My thoughts and prayers R with @carrieffisher RIGHT NOW! I pray God brings her back safely! She’s a sweet woman, back doin what she loves!” – Corey Feldman

“No more, 2016! You got Prince, now don’t be thinking you get Carrie Fisher, too. #ThoughtsAndPrayers #HangInThereCarrie.” – Orlando Jones

“Don’t you leave us Carrie xoxoxo #prayers #CarrieFisher.” – Hoda Kotb

“@carrieffisher The whole world is sending you so much love! Sending you the universes most powerful Force.” – Gwendoline Christie

“We could just fight 2016 in the street. This Carrie Fisher news…nope. No.” – Mikki Kendal