Bob Iger, Disney chairman, said that the new Shanghai Disneyland theme park is an “extraordinarily great” feat.

Iger was speaking Wednesday at the jungle-themed Adventure Isle section within the park, a day before its official opening.

“Disney is uniquely suited for success in China,” said Iger, referring to the group’s emotional and family-friendly content.

“We didn’t just build Disneyland in China. We built China’s Disneyland,” Iger said.

The park, which cost USD5.5 billion and took about five years to build, is a joint venture between Disney and a consortium of Chinese companies. Disney is a minority owner of the venue, but a majority owner of the park’s management company.

The larger Shanghai Disney Resort comprises two themed hotels and Disneytown, a neighboring shopping and dining complex. It also houses the Walt Disney Grand Theater, where a Mandarin-language version of “The Lion King” premiered on Tuesday.

“We have benefited from the recent success of some of our movies in China. But nothing connects to our brands like a theme park,” said Iger. “It is immersive (and allows people) to hear, see and live in the stories.”

Iger said that expansion of the park is likely to happen “sooner rather than later.” It benefits from seven square kilometers of land and willing partners in the form of the Shendi group and the Shanghai municipal government.