Hilarious Bill Murray Encounters With Strangers Documented in New Video

Bill Murray encounters
Abdeljalil Bounhar/AP/REX/Shutterstock

If you come across Bill Murray on the street and want to take a photo with him, you may have to do him a favor first — like finding his missing kids.

This is one of the many stories shared in “Friend of Bill,” a video from the New Yorker that was originally featured as a part of the Amazon Originals production “The New Yorker Presents.”

In it, a group of individuals gather in a circle for a self-help meeting and discuss their hilarious encounters with comedian and actor Bill Murray.

One man shared that he approached Murray at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, asking for a photo with him, a wish Murray would only fulfill if he found his kids.

“Where was the last pace you saw your kids?” the man asked. “I don’t know, they just kind of ran away,” Murray responded. The man shared that his kids were able to find him due to everyone shouting “Hey, it’s Bill Murray!”

Other shared experiences include having witnessed Murray standing on a chair in a crowded bar dancing to a Beach Boys song, Murray sweeping women on the street off of their feet and spontaneously joining in on a game of kickball.

“I think he’s found a way to use his celebrity to just have the most fun life,” one member shared.

But Murray’s entertaining confrontations don’t end with fans on the street — even stars like Chrissy Tiegen have had quirky encounters with him.


“Wait this happened to me too. A waiter dropped a plate of half eaten food and said it was from ‘the man at the bar’ – it was bill murray,” Tiegen shared on Twitter.