Along with films and TV shows that knocked the stuffing out of us in a good way, 2016 had its fair share of turkeys that never should have been basted and put in the oven.

In honor of Thanksgiving, Variety’s staff have picked the biggest financial, critical and celebrity turkeys from the past year.

The big budget “Ben Hur” ended up being a big flop for Paramount.

Another historical production, “Of Kings and Prophets,” didn’t turn out to be profitable for ABC. The expensive series was canceled after just two episodes.

Ryan Lochte entered the 2016 Summer Olympics as a medal hopeful and left as a national disgrace after he and his teammates lied about being robbed at a Rio gas station. The fallout was so bad that he was suspended from swimming and an apology stint on “Dancing With the Stars” was disrupted by protestors.

We can’t think of another media figure whose had a worst year in the spotlight … unless your name is Billy Bush.

Bush defended Lochte in Rio, but would soon have major problems of his own.

An unearthed “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005 of Bush and President-elect Donald Trump discussing women in an inappropriate and misogynistic way damaged his reputation further.

And although it didn’t cost Trump the election, it did cost Bush his anchor role at “Today.”

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The Biggest Turkeys of 2016