Ben Affleck is taking over Tampa’s underworld in the Roaring 20s in the final trailer for “Live by Night.”

The first half of the trailer opens with Affleck’s Joe Coughlin character motorboating amid the placid Florida waters and saying in a voiceover, “Powerful men don’t have to be cruel.”

But he soon runs afoul the rum-running  mob and is told “I’m going to rain hellfire on you,” by a mob boss.

The remainder of the trailer shows an ample variety of murder via machine gun and other mayhem. Warner Bros.’ “Live by Night” is based on the book by Dennis Lehane. Affleck stars with Saldana, Sienna Miller, Chris Cooper, Brendan Gleeson, Chris Messina and Elle Fanning also star.

Affleck also adapted the screenpla and produced the movie along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Jennifer Todd. Affleck also directed the adaptation of Lehane’s “Gone Baby Gone.”

“Live by Night,” Affleck’s first directorial effort since “Argo,” opens in limited release on Dec. 25, then hits theaters nationwide on Jan. 13, 2017.