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“House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon and five other incumbents won re-election to two-year terms for council seats for the Writers Guild of America East.

Voting opened on Aug. 24, with about 4,000 members eligible to cast ballots. The WGA East announced the results on Thursday.

Willimon was one of 16 candidates vying for seven open freelance seats. Three other incumbents — John Auerbach, Kyle Bradstreet, and Christopher Kyle — also won, along with newcomers Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, A.M. Homes, and Theresa Rebeck.

Gail Lee and Kathy McGee were re-elected to open staff seats, along with Matt Nelko, from six available candidates.

The WGA East negotiates jointly with the WGA West on the master contract with production companies. That deal expires on May 1 with no negotiations set yet.

Willimon promised in his candidate statement that he would be active in negotiations.

“Should I be re-elected to Council, I plan to be very involved in the negotiating process,” he said. “Having worked for almost a decade with major film studios and having been at the forefront of launching streaming television, I have a unique on-the-ground perspective that I believe will be useful voice in making sure we remain strong as a union moving forward.”

The WGA West is set to announce its voting results on Monday.