During the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” post-Oscars telecast, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” star Ben Affleck stopped by with a “deleted scene” from the upcoming superhero showdown, which featured Kimmel in a cameo role that, according to Affleck, was just too awesome to be left in the movie.

In the clip, Kimmel’s character takes no time at all to recognize that Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne (Affleck) are actually two of the biggest superheroes in the world. His excitement gets the best of him and he demands that they take selfies with him.

“You’re Superman,” Kimmel enthuses, before thrusting his phone at Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. “Would you take a picture with us? Get one of me and Supe, I got to get this on the ‘Gram.”

Sadly, Bruce’s photo-taking pose and distinctive jawline soon expose him as the Caped Crusader.

“Hey, hey, f–k off,” he says nervously in a gravelly Batman voice.

“Shut your mouth or I’ll throw you off this planet,” Superman warns after Kimmel tries to Periscope with the two of them. It doesn’t take long for them to attract the attention of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, who clearly isn’t half as observant as Kimmel. And no Bat-segment would be complete without another big screen Dark Knight — Will Arnett, aka Lego Batman.

Affleck’s visit to the late night ABC show also revealed that the star recently dressed up as Batman for his son’s birthday party.

“It was so mortifying,” Affleck said. “At first I thought, ‘It’s kids,’ but I didn’t think about all their parents being there. So I had to put on my outfit and my scary face for all these kids, and their parents are there, and it’s 11 in the morning…”

Affleck won his first Oscar with friend Matt Damon in 1998, after the duo wrote the screenplay for “Good Will Hunting,” so Affleck also used his “Live” visit as an opportunity to try and end the long-running feud between Kimmel and Damon, attempting to smuggle his longtime friend onto the show in a pretty unusual way — under his jacket.