Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has opened strongly, taking flight with $7 million on roughly 5,900 international screens on Wednesday.

Warner Bros. reported that Spain saw the best results with a 62% share of the top five films, with $1.8 million from 702 screens, ranking as the biggest opening in 2016, ahead of “Deadpool.”

France came in second, grossing $1.7 million with 196,000 admissions on 822 screens for 65% of the gross from the top five films.

Italy pulled in $1.1 million on 768 screens, capturing 66% of the gross from the top five films.

Sweden drew $428,000 on 210 screens and for what’s become the biggest March opening of all time. The film’s debut in Norway marked the top launch of 2016 with $501,000 on 190 screens, while in Finland the film earned $120,000 on 120 screens.

Despite the effect on the overall market of the terrorist attacks and closures of several cinemas, Belgium opened to “very good” results with $191,000 on 150 screens.

Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Australia open on Thursday. The film launches in the U.S. on Thursday night.

Forecasts have pegged a worldwide weekend opening of at least $300 million.