Angela Paton, best known for her role in “Groundhog Day,” died on Thursday in Oakland, Calif. She was 86.

The actress was in hospice care after a recent heart attack, the Associated Press reports.

Paton played Mrs. Lancaster, the small-town bed-and-breakfast owner where Bill Murray’s Phil Connors awakens in a panic every morning in the 1993 classic comedy.

Paton, who has more than 90 film and television credits to her name, also played Faye in Adam Sandler’s “The Wedding Singer,” Michelle’s grandmother who sleeps with Stifler in “American Wedding” and Mrs. Holmes in “Lolita.” She also appeared in 1994’s “Blue Sky” and “Trapped in Paradise.” She’s had roles on the shows “Falcon Crest,” “Home Improvement,” “My Name Is Earl” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The Brooklyn native had a flourishing stage career in the San Francisco Bay Area before transitioning to the screen when she was nearly 60 years old. Paton and her husband Bob Goldsby co-founded a theater in Berkeley, the Berkeley Stage Company, in the 1970s. She starred in productions of “Woman in Mind,” opposite Helen Mirren, and “Long Day’s” Journey Into Night.” The thesp most recently appeared in the 2012 Broadway play “Harvey,” starring Jim Parsons.

Here’s a clip from “Groundhog Day” that features the late actress.