Venice: Spain’s La Canica Films Debuts ‘Fury,’ Launches New Talent Drive (EXCLUSIVE)

Buzzed up ‘The Fury of a Patient Man’ marks directorial debut of Spanish actor Raul Arevalo (‘Marshland’)

The Fury of a patient Man
Courtesy of Venice Film Festival

Madrid-based La Canica Films, which has “Tarde para la ira” (The Fury of a Patient Man) in Venice Horizons, is rapidly becoming one of Spain’s increasingly rare new talent hubs.

La Canica’s Beatriz Bodegas is now planning to produce first features by three more newcomers: Jota Linares, Manuel Gomez and Javier Kuhn.

Launched in 2010, Canica has stood apart for its mix of new and established talent, producing “DiDi Hollywood,” the last film directed by Bigas Luna (“Jamon, Jamon”), as well as for its leverage of tax vehicles and bank guarantee schemes, and backing of Spanish movies which shot abroad, such as Gustavo Ron’s “My Bakery in Brooklyn.”

Also on Canica’s slate, and currently packaging finance: Black comedy road movie “Ultima voluntad” (working title), from writer-director Achero Mañas (“Anything You Want”).

“Fury,” sold by Spanish sales house Film Factory, has been snapped up by Palomar for Italy. EOne will distribute in Spain in an uncommon bet for the distributor on a local movie. “Fury,” the directorial debut of Spanish actor Raul Arevalo, makes its North American debut at Toronto’s Discovery section.

Starring Antonio de la Torre, seen by many as the finest Spanish actor of his generation, “Fury” kicks off with a jewelery store heist, cuts to eight years later when Curro, the driver in the heist, is released from jail to discover his wife has taken up with Jose, a silent type who turned up one day at her bar.

“Fury,” along with Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s “May God Save Us” and Alberto Rodriguez’s “Smoke & Mirrors,” has been building buzz in Spain for months as one of a trio of Spanish thrillers that are among its strongest 2016 local box office bets. “Fury” is also set in a “normal” Spain, depicting its bars, roadside motels, card games and family fiestas, a Spain rarely seen in films, Bodegas noted.