Gaumont has closed a raft of deals on Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar’s “Heaven Will Wait,” a thought-provoking French drama set to premiere in Toronto’s Contemporary World Cinema.

“Heaven Will Wait” turns on two girls next door, Sonia and Mélanie, whose lives take unexpected turn after they get indocrinated, leaving their parents in despair but determined to save their children from a destructive path.

Gaumont has so far sold the movie to South Korea (Whit Lion), Germany (Neue Visionen), Switzerland (Agora), Greece (Odeon), Benelux (Cineart) and Turkey (Mars Productions). Gaumont will host a market screening on Saturday at Toronto.

Mention-Schaar proved her talent for tackling hot-button topics and the turmoils of adolescence with “Once in a Lifetime.” A surprise box office hit in France, “Once in a Lifetime” came out in December 2014, a month before the Charlie Hebdo attack, and told the true story of a teacher faced with her minority students’ own prejudice towards other religions and ethnicities.

Like “Once in a Lifetime,” “Heaven Will Wait” has received an upbeat critical response. After world premiering at Locarno, “Heaven Will Wait” had its French premiere at Angouleme film festival, where it garnered a long standing ovation. After Toronto, “Heaven Will Wait” will do on to play at Busan and Namur, among other festivals.

UGC will release the movie early next month.