Sony Pictures Releasing France has picked up French/Belgian romantic comedy “Don’t Tell Her.”

Sony’s acquisition of “Don’t Tell Her” marks the first strategic move of Stephane Huard since joining Sony in February from Universal. While heading Universal in France for eight years, Huard handled several French films, of which proved to to major B.O. hits such as “Heartbreaker,” “Babysitting” and “Babysitting 2.”

Repped by Other Angle and directed by Solange Cicurel, “Don’t Tell Her” stars Jenifer Bartoli, Camille Chamoux and Arie Elmaleh. It centers on three young women who discover that the seemingly perfect fiance of one of their best friends is having an affair.

” ‘Don’t Tell Her’ is the type of local film we’re looking for — It’s well made, it’s got a strong marketing angle and a definite commercial potential in France,” Huard said.

The idea, said Huard, is for Sony to release two to three local films in France every year. In terms of genre, Sony will be looking at mainstream French films rather than pure-play auteur pics, per Huard.

Although France boasts a highly competitive distribution market and pricey P&A costs, Huard said releasing a film like “Don’t Tell Her” makes sense financially. “When you work on a local film like this one, it helps tremendously to have the talent at hand to do interviews. It saves you some marketing dollars because you don’t have to rely as heavily on traditional advertising,” pointed out Huard.

Huard also said that Sony will likely start developing French movies at some point, as it does in Asia, Germany and Spain.

“Don’t Tell Her,” which is now in post, marks the first production of Other Angle Pictures. Belgium’s Entre Chien et Loup also produced, while Orange Studio co-financed and co-distributed.

“Don’t Tell Her” has already sold to Switzerland (Frenetic), Austria (ThimFilm) and Latin America (California Filmes).

Sony will release the pic in January.