SC Films, 6 Sales Join Forces (EXCLUSIVE)

SC to rep 6 Sales titles at Berlin’s 2016 European Film Market

Gamba, sold by SC Films
Courtesy of SC Films

LONDON/MADRID – In a sign of building concentration in the world’s international film sales’ sector, as well-known players’ seeking to spark synergies and economies of scale while broadening the breadth of combined slates, Simon Crowe’s London-based SC Films and Marina Fuentes6 Sales, located in Madrid, are joining forces.

Kicking off at February’s Berlin European Film Market, SC Films will represent 6 Sales’ slate. Fuentes, who will continue to head 6 Sales, will attend Berlin to take meetings on 6 Sales titles. She will relocate all 6 Sales operations, including bookings and collections, to SC Films’ London offices by March 1.

The operational alliance builds on current relations. SC Films and 6 Sales already have two joint animation productions in early development, Crowe said. The partners also look a good fit. Launched 2006 by Crowe and tech entrepreneur Matthew Joynes, SC Films does make live-action pick-ups, such as France-set suspense-thriller “Road Games,” from “The Host” producer Junyoung Jang at London-based February Films and France’s Guillaume Benski.

But SC Films has forged its brand as one of Europe’s leading specialists in animated feature sales, a product line generally underserved in Europe, whether from U.S. players, such as “Shrek” producer John H. Williams, or from far further abroad.

In a Berlin market premiere pick-up, SC has acquired world sales rights to “Gamba (3D)” (pictured), a family adventure from Japan’s Shirogumi, exec produced by Marvel Studios founder Avi Arad. Kevin Iwashina’s Preferred Content handles North America. SC’s slate also features “Monkey King: the Hero (3D), a $155 million China B.O. gross smash hit, animated comedy “Charming,” from producer John. H. Williams, and Prana animation studios’ “Wish.”

“The interesting thing about animation films is their long-term value. Animation films for young families can live for a longer period of time,” Crowe said.

The SC-6 Sales partnership comes as SC Films is also diversifying into production.

“As so many sales companies, we’ll be co-producing more films in the future. We spent a lot of 2015 developing our own projects so that we can control them to get to market and close finance,” Crowe said.

Also founded in 2006, with a library of 130 films, and backed by Israeli entrepreneur and producer Avraham Pirchi, owner of UCM, from 2008, 6 Sales likewise handles animation fare, such as “Ozzy,” a dog compound break-out comedy, which Disney will distribute in Spain. Under Fuentes, 6 Sales has driven boldly into both Spanish and English-language live-action fare, spreading a wide net, notably with Spanish Oscar entry “Blancanieves,” Cannes-selected “Magic Magic” and Sundance competitor “Young Ones,” with Nicholas Hoult. Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning.

“I have known Marina Fuentes for over 15 years and always found her to have a great taste in films. 6 Sales has a number of really strong titles on its slate including family animation ‘Ozzy’ and the sci-fi thriller ‘Winter’s Dream,’ from Joey Curtis, the writer of ‘Blue Valentine.’ These films will sit well within the SC Films structure which currently is mainly focused on animation.”

He added: “There are so many sales companies, and less and less good films on the open market. By SC Films’ taking over the back running of 6 Sales will allow Marina to focus on finding and selling good live-action films while I continue to focus on the animation side of our business.”

“SC Films and 6 Sales will complement each other nicely. 6 Sales will bring more focus on live action and SC Films animation and family. Together the companies will be stronger,” Fuentes added.