The Republic of Cyprus has joined European Film Promotion, the entity dedicated to promoting movies from Europe worldwide.

Cyprus, which is the third smallest country in the European Union after Malta and Luxembourg, is joining EFP as it’s 37th member country. It received the greenlight for entry during an EFP meeting at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

EFP is financially supported by the European Union and the EFP member organizations.

Cypriot co-productions have long been eligible for the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund, which finances European co-productions. The large eastern Mediterranean island, which has been split into two parts since 1974 when Turkey invaded it’s northern area in response to a military coup, will be represented within EFP by Diomides Nikita, an exec in the film unit of the country’s culture ministry who is also its Eurimages representative.

In a statement Elena Christodoulidiou, who heads the culture ministry’s film unit, underscored that Cypriot cinema needs a bigger boost “to cross national borders and find co‐producers from other European countries.”

Recent local productions include romcom “Committed” by South African/Cypriot director Stelana Kliris and economic crisis comedy “Bourek” by Serbian director Vladan Nikolic.

The Cyprus-born director best known internationally is the late Michael Cacoyannis who helmed “Zorba the Greek.”