Lima Festival: Peru’s Tiempo Libre Readies ‘Videophilia’s’ Pan-Regional Release (EXCLUSIVE)

Fernandez Molero's film, a Rotterdam Tiger Award winner, opens Aug. 18 in Peru, subsequently in other Latin American territories

Juan Daniel F. Molero
Courtesy of Juan Daniel F. Molero

In an early attempt at a pan-regional release at Latin American indie cinema, Peruvian writer-director Juan Daniel Fernandez Molero’s “Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes),” a teen drama set in the digital age that won the Tiger Award at the 2015 Rotterdam Festival, is opening Aug. 18 in Peru, as the launchpad for an almost-simultaneous bow throughout Latin America.

Produced and handled in international by Fernandez Molero’s Lima-based outfit Tiempo Libre Studio, “Videophilia” will open during subsequent weeks in further Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil.

In some territories, “Videophilia’s” screenings will be fruit of Tiempo Libre Studio’s direct negotiations with local exhibitors, tapping into the company’s experience in programming and exhibiting indie films.

For other countries, Tiempo Libre Studio has inked partnerships with local distribution companies, as it is the case of Argentina, where the film will be released by Fuera de lo Comun Distribucion; Mexico, where it has been picked up by Circo 2.12; and the Brazilian and Bolivian markets, in which it is handled by Yaneramai Films.

By September-October, Fernandez Molero will be touring with “Videophilia” in New York, Boston, L.A., San Francisco and other U.S. cities, he told Variety.

“This is a different release for Latino cinema since it gives priority to the emerging regional market of young moviegoers, focusing on the interpenetration of stages of distribution and different territories to take advantage in the best way of precious media attention, in times of audiovisual over-production,” he added.

“Videophilia’s” worldwide DVD and VOD release is scheduled by November.

Shot entirely in Lima, the film explores the implications of the digital age, following a teenage misfit that spends her first days out of school experimenting with drugs and cybersex, who meets online a weird slacker obsessed with conspiracy theories and underground porn.

Fernandez Molero’s sophomore feature film after 2010’s “Reminiscencias,” “Videophilia” earned the first Tiger Award for a Peruvian film at last year’s Rotterdam Festival edition and won a post-production grant from the Hubert Bals Fund in 2014.

“I made this movie for the misfit teenager who takes refuge in bizarre movies to feel more normal. Rotterdam was definitely the only place where a movie like this could be released glamorously as part of an official competition. The award opened up many doors for us,” he said.

The Peruvian writer-director felt inspired by filmmakers “that could find risky balances between experimentation, narrative, sensitivity and delirium,” citing, among other, Luis Buñuel, Robert Altman, Werner Herzog, David Lynch and David Cronenberg.

As a film editor, he’s recently worked on Ecuadorian Ana Cristina Barragan’s feature debut “Alba,” winner this year of Rotterdam’s Lions Award, and a contender in the current Lima Film Festival’s official competition.