Paris Images Micro Salon AFC Showcases New Film Technology Trends

Nathalie Durand, new president of AFC, the French Cinematographers Assn, previews this year’s event

Nathalie Durand
Courtesy of Nathalie Durand

PARIS — Organized by the French Cinematographer’s Association, the AFC, the two-day Micro-Salon, part of the Paris Images Trade Show, bows Friday Feb. 5.

“It’s a very special event,” said Jacques Delacoux, president of Aaton Digital, Transvideo and AFFECT. “I don’t think anything else exists like it in the world. It’s very attractive for people coming from abroad.”

Held in the legendary FEMIS national film school in Montmartre, the Micro Salon showcases cutting-edge filming, sound and lighting equipment from France and the rest of the world – with 56 exhibitors this year – and is also France’s main annual meet for cinematographers.

Exhibitors will organize a total of ten screenings about their new equipment.

Nathalie Durand, the new AFC prexy, spoke to Variety about some of the highlights of this year’s edition.

One of its main focuses is the new generation of drones and new high-performance miniaturized cameras, such as the 2.3 KG Alexa Mini, that can be used with drones.

“High-quality cameras are getting smaller and smaller, with drones and gimbals becoming more and more efficient,” says Durand. “This is having a major impact on the French film industry.”

Other key topics at the event include 70mm lenses, due to the development of bigger sensors, and new LED lighting systems.

There will also be a presentation of the Academy Color Encoding System, for which the AFC has conducted several tests. “This is an interesting development because we can now work with the same color system, throughout the production pipeline, from pre-production through to post,” says Durand.

Each year the Micro Salon honors one country’s cinematographers –in 2014 Russia, last year Italy, and now Iran. “We love Iranian cinematography,” says Durand. “This is an excellent time to host a delegation from the Middle East, given the current geo-political climate, because film can build cultural bridges.”

The Iranian d.o.p. Mahmoud Kalari (“A Separation”, “The Past”) will receive a tribute during the event.