GOTEBORG, Sweden– Paris-based New Morning Films has acquired Rotterdam player Igor Drljaca’s “The Waiting Room,” and Ines Tanovic’s “Our Everyday Life” along with three other pics screening at Goteborg film festival.

New Morning Films has also snatched up sales rights to Paul Tunge’s short “Dam,” Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken’s debut feature “Returning Home” and Nino Basilia’s directorial debut “Anna’s Life” — all of which are playing at Goteborg.

“Anna’s Life” is world premiering at Goteborg and competing for the Ingmar Bergman debut award. Story tells the tale of a single mother struggling to raise her autistic son who faces many challenges to flee her country and emigrate to the United States.

“Returning Home” is a Norwegian drama centering aroung two brothers on a mission to find their father, a soldier who disappeared on his way back from Afghanistan. “Returning Home”‘s helmer Dahlsbakken is also in Goteborg to present two pics in post as part of the Nordic Film Market’s work-in-progress confab.

“The Waiting Room” turns on Jasmin, who was once a successful actor in former Yugoslavia and now lives in Toronto with his second wife and young son. “The Waiting Room”‘s director Drljaca previously directed “Krivina,” about an immigrant from former Yugoslavia embarks on a trip to find an old friend.

Meanwhile, “Our Everyday Life” chronicles the life of a middle class Sarajevo family, including a 60-something-year-old father who used to be the CEO at a factory before getting pushed out by his exec staff. Pic was Bosnia’s candidate for the Oscar’s foreign-language race.

“Dam” is a Norwegian feature debut about two young men who set off on a hike in the mountains after meeting one night.

New Morning Films’s Germain Labeille will shop all five pics at Goteborg and Berlin.