PARIS — Paris-based Versatile has come on board to handle worldwide sales on Richard Aujard’s “Guapo Siempre,” a documentary portaying Mickey Rourke in the run up to a special boxing exhibition in Moscow in 2014.

“Guapo Siempre” is produced by the shingles Bonne Pioche Cinema, the outfit behind Oscar-winning “March of the Penguins,” and Canto Bros Productions, the Cantona brothers’ outfit whose credits include Ken Loach’s Cannes-competing “Looking for Eric.”

“Guapo Siempre” plunges audiences into the mystical mind of Rourke during the days leading up to his comeback in the ring at the age of 62. His soul naked, his nerves raw, Rourke looks back over his life and career, while mourning the death of his dog, Guapo.

A renown photographer with a passion for the biking and boxing worlds, Aujard has been close to Rourke and the Cantona brothers for more 20 years. He previously directed various critically-claimed shorts and documentaries, including “Only the Strong Will Survive” with Rourke, Franck Tiozzo, Eric Cantona and Joeystarr; “Free Wheels” with Rourke and the Hells Angels; and “Question d’Honneur” with Jake LaMotta and the Cantona brothers.

“‘Guapo Siempre’ is a highly cinematic documentary feature for various reasons — it’s particularly well-lensed because Aujard is also a talented photographer, and it’s also well-directed, profound and revealing due to the closeness of Aujard and Rourke,” said Pape Boye, the co-founder of Versatile.

“Guapo Siempre” will be completed this summer and could be premiering at a festival later this year.