BERLIN — International sales company Media Luna New Films has acquired two titles for the upcoming Berlin Film Festival’s European Film Market: comedy “The Bribe of Heaven” and sci-fi movie “The Big Everything.”

“The Bribe of Heaven” is set in a devout Catholic village, where the community goes against the local priest when the latter refuses to offer a funeral mass for a suicide victim. In reprisal, the priest denies the sacraments to the entire village, until the family of the deceased remove the body from the Catholic graveyard.

The film is helmed by Colombian film director, anthropologist and writer Lisandro Duque Naranjo. During his extensive career, Lisandro completed several audiovisual projects with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He is the former director of Cuba’s Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television.

Nicolas Bazz’s “The Big Everything” was given a warm welcome by critics in France. Paris Match said the film has “everything to please,” describing it as “magnificent and poetic,” while Le Monde called it “ambitious, spectacular, astonishing.”

The movie follows four scientists and an ex-convict who fly to a black hole, 50 light years away from Earth. An accident propels them 10,000 light years away from their home, lives and culture.

Two additional titles from Media Luna’s slate will have market premieres in the EFM. Sergio Sanchez Suarez’s comedy “I’m Not a Rebel” and Lukas Bossuyt’s sci-fi film “Sum of Histories.”

“I’m Not a Rebel,” which screens on Feb. 15, is set during one of the darkest moments in Mexico’s recent history, when defying the authorities is like asking for a death sentence. Taking action against what is unfair and unjust is a duty — an act of responsibility.

“Sum of Histories,” which plays on Feb. 15, centers on Viktor, a young and brilliant professor who discovers a way to manipulate time. Now he can finally change the past and help his beloved Lena. But as Viktor soon learns, changing the past is not without risk.