Multi Emmy Award-winning production company Insight TWI is teaming up with the BBC’s Nick Fraser (executive producer, “Man on Wire”) and Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Daniel Platzman of Imagine Dragons to share the uplifting story of Sierra Leone’s most celebrated playwright.

Charlie Haffner is on a mission to inspire his country by staging the most ambitious play in its history. But for an impoverished nation still recovering from the 2014 Ebola outbreak – and lacking a single permanent theater venue – every step is a struggle.

“Sierra Leone: An Artist’s Journey” will follow Haffner “from writing to casting through producing the play,” according to Insight TWI’s managing director Jonathan Ossoff.

“Charlie’s story is about leadership and the power of art to transform society,” he says. “It’s about Sierra Leoneans taking matters into their own hands.”

With no guarantee that Haffner will succeed, director Clive Patterson notes that the “uncertain outcome of Charlie’s venture is one of the key narrative elements in our story. Personally, I am fascinated to see how things turn out,” he says.

The crew also includes multi-Emmy and BAFTA-winning producer Sorious Samura and Emmy-winning executive producer Ron McCullagh.

The film enters production this month and is slated for completion in June 2017.