Disney’s ‘Dumbass’ Blasts Past ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Revenant’ at Argentine Box Office

Adrian Suar-starring Argentine romcom follows in the line of big local B.O. smash hits in Argentina

I Married a Dumbass, Valeria Bertuccelli,
Courtesy: FilmSharks Intl.

In a spectacular coup, rating with “Wild Tales” and “The Clan” as the biggest first frames gross punched by an Argentine movie in modern history, Patagonik’s comedy “I Married a Dumbass” (Me case con un Boludo), a Buena Vista Intl. pickup for Latin America, has sold 1 million tickets over its first 11 days at the Argentine box office.

A movie ticket sells currently at an average $5.19 in Argentina. Having reached an estimated $5.2 million box office by March 27, “Dumbass” has already surpassed Hollywood pics such as Deadpool ($4.1 million) and “The Revenant” ($3.2 million). The question now is how much further it can get.

Bowing March 17 in 385 screens, “Dumbass” cumed 1,010,589 admissions through March 27. Pablo Trapero’s “The Clan” broke the one million tickets record for a local film in ten days (with 1,141,146 tickets) in 2015, while Damian Szifron’s “Wild Tales” had previously crossed the same line in 2014 after 11 days (1,122,168), according to B.O. tracker Ultracine.

Produced by Disney-co-owned Argentine powerhouse Patagonik, high-concept commercial comedy “Dumbass” toplines Adrian Suar and Valeria Bertuccelli and is directed by Juan Taratuto and written by Pablo Solarz, the team behind “A Boyfriend for My Wife,” which was the No. 1 film in Argentina in 2008.

Pic turns on a couple of actors, Fabian and Florencia, who work on a film together, and get married almost immediately after the film wraps, only for Florencia to realize that she’s fallen in love with a confounded idiot that she took to have the wit and words of his fictional character. Desperate, Fabian asks the film’s screenwriter to pen a few scenes for him to try to win his wife back.

In its opening weekend, “Dumbass” sold 424,020 tickets, beating “Kung-Fu Panda 3’s” Argentine debut (225,000), but played slightly under the figures obtained by “The Clan” (504,719) and “Wild Tales” (449,966) in their respective debut weekends.

In its second weekend, March 23-27, despite facing-off with the Argentine bow of “Batman vs. Superman” (505,587), “I Married a Dumbass” held its own, adding 413,498 more tickets, with a just 2.89% fall.

“Dumbass” “has interesting commercial potential,” said Gabriel Giandinoto, Ultracine’s head of business development in Latin America.

Main competition at local box office for the film could come by mid-April with the awaited release of thriller “Koblic,” which re-teams actor Ricardo Darin with director Sebastian Borensztein after 2011’s dramatic comedy hit “Chinese Takeaway.”

“I am sure [‘Dumbass’] will outmatch ‘A Boyfriend for My Wife’s’ 1.4 million spectators but it could be difficult for it reach ‘The Clan’s’ 2.6 million,” Giandinoto estimated.

But “Dumbass” most certainly adds to a building cannon of Argentine movies able to face off at the local box office with bigger budget international productions.

“The ‘A Boyfriend for My Wife’ dream team has created an outstanding film that connected with critics and audience,” said Guido Rud at FilmSharks Intl., which handles “Dumbass” international rights.

Like “A Boyfriend,” which has been adapted in several territories – in Mexico as “Busco novio para mi mujer”;“All About My Wife” in Korea – “Dumbass” suggests strong remake potential.

FilmSharks is closing redo rights with Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy and Germany, while distribution deals for the U.S., France and Spain are under discussion, Rud added.