My French Film Festival: Celine Devaux Serves Short ‘Sunday Lunch’

Animated short premiered at Cannes

Céline Devaux, réalisatrice de 'Le Repas
Courtesy of Céline Devaux

Directed by Céline Devaux, “Sunday Lunch” (“Le Repas dominical”) is one of more buzzed up shorts at 6th edition of My French Film Festival, the online fest backed by film promo agency UniFrance that runs Jan. 18 to Feb. 18.

“Lunch” delivers a fresh animated take on a coming-of-age narrative. “I tried to talk about this sudden and sometimes painful co-existence that occurs when one becomes an adult: the love we might feel for our relatives, and the complete disagreement, even disdain, we might have for their opinions, choices,” Devaux told Variety.

“It can bring out a lot of anger, anxiety, and also generosity if you find it in you to forgive, or at least understand. That’s what my protagonist, Jean, tries to achieve on Sunday, during the lunch,” she added.

“Lunch” premiered at Cannes 2015 Competition, was shortlisted for France’s Cesar awards, and scooped kudos at the Milan Fest and Portugal’s Cinanima, among other events.

Paris-born Devaux studied literature and history at the Sorbonne and animation cinema at the School for Decorative Arts in Paris.

Other Devaux shorts include “Life and Death of Rasputin,” best animated short at Clermont Ferrand in 2013, and “How to Make a Hysterically Funny Video on A Very Sad music.”

Devaux is currently preparing a new short. “It will be shot partly as live action, partly in animation It’s about love and break-up, and how far people think they can go with their loved-ones. Basically this no man’s land of insults and complete rudeness some of us call a relationship,” she announced.

“I want to make movies that make people cry so hard they will hate me when they come out of the theater. And insult me when they’re crying,” Devaux declared.

Shorts competing at fest can be seen for free at myFrenchFilmFestival.com and other platforms worldwide.