PARIS — Lucky You, a Paris-based sales company dedicated to TV documentaries, is set to expand its biz with all-rights sales to feature films and documentaries.

Founded by Robert Salvestrin two years ago, Lucky You has been selling 460 hours of documentaries, most of which are blue-chip titles produced by key European outfits, notably one of its shareholders, Bonne Pioche (“March of Penguins”), as well as Camera Lucida, Les Films d’Ici, Germany’s Berliner Producers and Leonardo.

Among Lucky You’s new feature acquisitions are Xavier De Lauzanne’s “Little Gems” (“Les Pépites”), which is co-produced by Aloest Productions and Bonne Pioche Cinema. Shot in 4K, “Little Gems” follows a couple of French retirees who launched a school for young children living in an underprivileged area of Phnom Penh, in Cambodia.

Lucky You has also acquired international sales rights to “Looking Through the Pyramids,” a historical documentary project produced by Bonne Pioche and HIP Institute. It’s being co-produced by NHK, France TV, WNET for PBS and CuriosityStream, and has already pre-sold to more than 10 broadcasters worldwide.

Actively involved in pre-financing nonfiction projects, Lucky You has also just acquired rights to blue-chip Wildlife documentaries produced by Bonne Pioche and Wildbear, as well as two science docs by Scientifilms, Tricky Memory and Dream Babies.

“We would really like to thank producers, broadcasters as well as competitors for the welcome they have given Lucky You, in today’s audiovisual changing market,” said Salvestrin, the company CEO and former Gedeon exec, who will attend both Sunny Side of the Docs and Sheffield.