Film Factory Acquires International on Sony-Distributed ‘Boy Missing’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Suspense thriller reps latest feature from ‘The Orphanage’s’ Rodar y Rodar

Film Factory Acquires International on Sony-Distributed
Courtesy: Film Factory

MADRID — Sony Pictures Releasing has set an Aug. 19 release date in Spain for “Boy Missing” (“Secuestro”), the latest suspense thriller from Barcelona-based Rodar y Rodar, producers of “The Orphanage,” “Julia’s Eyes” and “The Body,” three of Spain’s highest-profile psychological thrillers of the last decade.

The sales agent of “Wild Tales” and “The Clan,” Vicente Canales’ Film Factory has acquired internationals sales rights to “Boy Missing,” reflecting a common practice in Spain, where a Hollywood studio handles domestic distribution in the country and a sales agent handles international sales.

Public broadcaster RTVE, pay TV operator Movistar Plus, regional TV network Televisio de Catalunya and cable net Cosmopolitan TV share TV rights in Spain in a strong show of local TV interest in the title.

Film Factory will host a private screening of “Boy Missing” at this week’s 10th Spanish Screenings-Madrid de Cine, an arrangement used by sales agents for top titles at national cinema film markets such as UniFrance’s Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in January or Britain’s London Screenings.

Directed by Rodar y Rodar co-head Mar Targarona, “Boy Missing” is written by Oriol Paulo, scribe of “Julia’s Eyes” and writer-helmer of “The Body.” Toplining Blanca Portillo, seen in Pedro Almodovar’s “Volver,” in her first starring role, it turns on a reputable lawyer who takes the law into her own hands when her deaf son’s presumed kidnapper walks free for lack of conclusive evidence against him. Her actions have unforeseen consequences and events spiral out of control.

“Boy Missing” is about “motherhood, the extremes to which a mother will go to protect her child and the ethical problems that can provoke,” said Targarona, adding that she had tried to make a film that was “credible, though not realist.”

Canales describes it as a “multi-twist ‘Gone Girl’-style psychological thriller with an excellent cast.”

Sony Pictures Releasing will bow “Boy Missing” on 250 to 300 screens, a high mid-level opening, said Targarona.

Released in Spain by Warner Bros. and sold internationally by Wild Bunch, Juan Antonio Bayona’s “The Orphanage” earned $7.2 million in the U.S. for Picturehouse on its way to a total $78.6 million gross worldwide. In Spain, the film topped 2007 box-office charts with $37.7 million. “Julia’s Eyes” garnered $9.1 million in Spain; “The Body,” which was also distributed by Sony, earned $8.4 million. “Julia’s Eyes” and “The Body” ranked No. 2 and No. 4 among Spanish releases for the year.

The 10th Spanish Screenings-Madrid de Cine unspool June 27-29 in Madrid.