In a notable Disney push into local production, a growth business for Hollywood studios, Buena Vista Intl. has acquired Latin American rights to “I Married a Dumbass” (Me case con un Boludo), produced by Disney-co-owned Argentine powerhouse Patagonik.

FilmSharks Intl. will bring “Dumbass” onto the open international market at Berlin, in a studio/indie collaboration increasingly frequent around the world as studios pile into local productions, which have value on the international market as either originals or formats.

“Dumbass” stars Adrian Suar and Valeria Bertuccelli, and is written by Pablo Solarz and directed by  Juan Taratuto, the team behind “A Boyfriend for My Wife,” which was the No. 1 film in Argentina in 2008.

“Boyfriend” also sold out internationally, said FilmSharks’ Guido Rud, and has sparked eight international territory remakes, including Korean blockbuster “All About My Wife,” a Chinese version that’s now in post, and a Mexican makeover, “Busco novio para mi mujer,” which Lionsgate/Televisa joint venture Pantelion will releases Feb. 19 in the U.S.

“I Married a Dumbass” turns on Fabian and Florencia, actors who work on a film together, and get married almost immediately after the film wraps, only for Florencia to realize that she’s fallen in love with an  idiot that she took for the fictional character. Desperate, Fabian asks the film’s screenwriter to pen a few scenes as the character to try to win his wife back.

BVI releases “Dumbass” in Argentina on 220 screens in mid-March.