DEAUVILLE– Deauville American Film Festival kicked off today with a tribute to its Young Hollywood Award honoree Chloe Grace Moretz, followed by the French premiere of Brad Furman’s “Infiltrator.”

Wearing a long, yet revealing flowery dress, the 19-year-old actress took the stage to thank the festival and said she was inspired by previous Deauville honorees who are “humble” and “responsible” actors, citing Juliette Binoche, Julianne Moore, Denzel Washington, Keira Knightley, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart and most recently Seth Rogen. “These are people who shaped me and who I am,” said Moretz.

“People who have received this prize before me have gone to accomplish astounding things in their careers so I definitely feel the weight of this prize,” added Moretz, who currently stars in J Blakeson’s survival thriller “The 5th Wave.”

Deauville will also hand out the Young Hollywood Award to Daniel Radcliffe and career tributes Stanley Tucci and James Franco.

Michael Moore, who was expected to attend his homage on Sunday, said earlier today that he will not travel to the French Normandy festival due to personal reasons.

The opening ceremony was followed by the French premiere of “The Infiltrator,” which was presented on stage by the film’s actress Diane Kruger, who said Furman was not able to attend, while Bryan Cranston was currently shooting a film.

The festival is boasting an unprecedented level of security protocol with police agents on the red carpet and an extended perimeter of security.

Deauville’s artistic director Bruno Barde pointed out the recent terror attacks that hit Europe had an impact on attendance, as some U.S. guests expressed concerns.