Cinephil has acquired international sales rights to Pascale Lamche’s “Winnie,” a feature documentary about Winnie Madikizela Mandela which is set to world premiere at Sundance.

“Winnie” is roduced by Paris-based Pumpernickel Films, Christoph Jorg (“Love Crimes of Kabul”) and Femke Wolting and Bruno Felix at Amsterdam-based Submarine (“Last Hijack”). Steven Markovitz at South-African outfit Big World Cinema and Iikka Vehkalahti at Finnish company IV Films are co-producing.

The doc chronicles the rise and fall of Winnie Madikizela Mandela, who was often been considered a misunderstood yet powerful contemporary female political figures.

“Winnie” also provides some insight into South Africa’s contemporary society.

“For the first time, this film pieces together and properly considers her life and immense contribution to the struggle to bring down Apartheid from the inside,” said Lamche.

“This film reminds us that progressive thinking and the courage to act, are invaluable human commodities (…) with intimate insight from Winnie and those who were closest to her, as well as testimony from the enemies who sought to extinguish her radical capacity to lead a revolution,” said Lamche.

Jorg, meanwhile, said the film owed its uniqueness to the “compelling narrative of Winnie’s radical life (which) is told in the context of the times. And there are some shocking revelations.”

According to Wolting, “Winnie” will interest both those who are knowledgable about apartheid and those who are too young to even recognize the term. “Everyone has heard the name Mandela! This film tells another side to the story,” said the doc’s Scandinavian co-producer.