LONDON — Berlin-based M-Appeal has boarded Bruce LaBruce’s “The Misandrists,” a film about a cell of feminist terrorists, as a co-producer, and will be selling the project at the Cannes Film Festival.

LaBruce, who is currently shooting the film in Berlin and the surrounding countryside, is launching a Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday to finance production and post-production costs. It is the first time he’s used crowd-funding to support one of his films.

The movie stars Susanne Sachsse, who has featured in several of LaBruce’s films, including “Raspberry Reich,” the prequel to “The Misandrists.”

The Misandrists refers to a secret cell of feminist terrorists that is planning to liberate women, overthrow the patriarchy, and usher in a new female world order. The group is led by Big Mother (Sachsse), who operates a school for wayward girls in the countryside as a front for her terrorist cell.

When a young man, a radical leftist, who is running from the police, happens upon this remote female stronghold, one of the girls takes pity on him and hides him in the basement. His presence eventually disrupts the household and reveals a number of unexpected secrets, as the film moves towards its climax.

“The Misandrists,” the director’s 10th feature film, is produced by Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion.

M-Appeal chief Maren Kroymann said: “Bruce’s new film promises to be a fun and important commentary on feminism, so it will be a great fit for our Raspberry & Cream label. We’ll be co-producing one of his projects for the first time in addition to handling international distribution, and by having represented a number of his titles as sales agent in the past, we’re looking forward to deepening our relationship with him and Jürgen Brüning, his long-time producer, with whom we frequently collaborate.”

LaBruce’s film “Gerontophilia” was in Venice Film Festival in 2013, and “Pierrot Lunaire” screened in Berlin Film Festival’s Forum section in 2014. LaBruce was president of Cannes’ Queer Palm jury in 2014.