LONDON — Global Screen has picked up worldwide distribution rights to English-language 3D animation feature “Bayala” from the producers of international box-office hits “Niko & the Way to the Stars” and “Ooops! Noah Is Gone…” Global Screen will start preselling the kid-friendly film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Set in a magical world populated by charming elves, unicorns and mythical creatures, the story revolves around the elf princesses Sera and Surah. As the wise dragons have almost disappeared from the kingdom of Bayala, the magic powers of the elves are weakening. Surah is thrilled when she discovers she has the key to save their world in her hands: a dragon’s egg. Now the sisters must reach the Dragon Hills, as they set out on an adventurous journey into the unknown.

“Bayala” is produced by Ulysses Films in Germany, and is co-produced by Fabrique d’Images in Luxemburg. Studio Rakete (“Ooops! Noah Is Gone…” and “Niko & the Way to the Stars”) will be responsible for the design and animation, based on the script by Austrian children’s author and screenwriter Vanessa Walder. Now in pre-production, the film is planned for delivery in late 2018/early 2019.

Bayala is a high-end line of fantasy figurines produced by German toy-manufacturer Schleich. The release of the movie will be accompanied by the worldwide roll-out of a special movie edition of the Bayala figurines.

Producer Emely Christians said: “The kingdom of Bayala is a treasure chest brimming with magic and it has inspired us to writing a unique, character-driven screenplay.”

Julia Weber, head of theatrical sales at Global Screen, said: “International audiences will love the magical tale full of charming elves, unicorns and dragons, based on the famous Schleich figures. Our distributors can rely on a strong brand and build truly competitive marketing campaigns.”