Tel Aviv-based documentary sales company Cinephil has acquired “Tempestad” from director Tatiana Huezo (“The Tiniest Place”).

“Tempestad” makes its world premiere Saturday in Berlin’s Forum. It is produced by Mexico’s Pimienta Films, which also co-produced Rafi Pitts’ Berlin competition entry, “Soy Nero.” Jim Stark (“Down by Law,” “Mystery Train,” “Night on Earth”) executive produced “Tempestad.”

“Tempestad” traces a woman’s 1,200 mile journey back to her home in southern Mexico after she’s realeased from prison in the north.  Her off-camera narration mixes with a second woman’s story, their voices echoing over shots of the landscapes and highways of Mexico.

“ ‘Tempestad’ fits perfectly with our portfolio of socially aware films.  In addition, the filmmakers have incredible integrity, an aesthetic vision and a strong authorial voice,” said Cinephil’s Philippa Kowarsky.

“For us, working with Tatiana was also an opportunity to highlight the enormous amount of talent of Mexican woman directors,” noted Pimienta’s Nicolas Celis.

“Tempestad” also forms part of a burgeoning slate at Pimienta as it nurses the careers of young Mexican talent, and produces some of Mexican cinema’s most challenging shoots – such as Jonas Cuaron’s “Desierto,” Amat Escalante’s “Heli” – and drives into international co-production, as on “Soy Nero,” the story of a Mexican immigrant who joins the U.S. army to avoid deportation from the U.S.

Pitt’s movie shot in the U.S. and Mexico. “Mexico has very good crews with experience working with the U.S., the locations are great, and the peso has devalued against the dollar,” Celis said.

He added: “This is a Mexican story but as well about other immigrants, a movie how people battle every day to survive, for dignity, for a place in a better world.”