‘Belle & Sebastian,’ ‘Au Service de La France’ top 2nd Digital Creation Genie Awards

Paris Images’ Digital Creation Genie Awards

Genie Awards - Paris Images Digital
Copyright: Xavier Granet

The 2nd Digital Creation Genie Awards – organized within the framework of the Paris Images Digital Summit (Jan 28-30) – announced prizewinners at an awards ceremony held Thursday evening in the Centre des Arts in Enghien-les-Bains, Paris.

Best VFX supervisor – feature film – went to Benjamin Ageorges and Stéphane Bidault of Autre Chose for their work on “Belle & Sebastian, the Adventure Continues”, by Canadian director Christian Duguay, produced by Radar Films, Epithète Films, Gaumont and M6 Films.

The pic was released on December 9 and to date has grossed over $11.7 million in France and an impressive $2.4 million in Italy.

Founded in 2000, Autre Chose specializes in vfx for cinema, TV and commercials and works in partnership with Be Digital in Belgium and Lux Digital in Luxembourg.

Best VFX Supervisor in the TV fiction category was awarded to Jean-François Fontaine of Machine Molle, for Arte’s 12-part spy comedy TV series, “Au Service de la France,” directed by Alexandre Courtès (“Les Infideles”), starring Hugo Becker (“Gossip Girl”).

Machine Molle, founded in 2000, is owned by VFX supervisors Jean-François Fontaine and Vincent Dupuis. It focuses on VFX, 3D animation and motion design.

Best VFX Supervisor – commercials – went to Laurent Creusot of Mikros Image, for the “Canal + The Unicorns” TV commercial. Creusot won Best VFX supervisor in the same category at last year’s edition.

Isotropix snagged Best Innovation of the Year award for Clarisse iFX, a high-end 3D graphics software that has been sold to ILM for the next “Star Wars” film.

Best Student Film was awarded to Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier and Kevin Roger of ESMA, for “The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse.”

Career tribs went to VFX supervisor Dennis Muren, and Mac Guff co-founders Jacques Bled and Rodolphe Chabrier. Bled delivered a keynote speech during the ceremony.

The jury members for the feature film/TV fiction categories were producer Nicolas Deschamps (Gedeon Programmes), and directors Nicolas Bary, Jean-Luc Herbulot, Sonia Rolland, Julien Séri.

The Digital Summit is the first of five events integrated within the 10-day event – Paris Images Trade Show – now in its 3rd edition, which aims to reinforce the competitive offer of French technicians, technical industries and film locations. other four events are Location Expo (Feb 2-3), Paris Images Pro (Feb 2-3), Dream Industry (Feb 3-5) and Micro-Salon AFC (Feb 5-6).