LONDON — Alicia Vikander, who won an Oscar for “The Danish Girl” this year, and her London-based agent Charles Collier of Tavistock Wood, have set up production company Vikarious Productions.

The company’s first film, “Euphoria,” a production with Sweden’s B-Reel Films, will start shooting in the German Alps in early August. The pic is the English-language directorial debut of Swedish writer/director Lisa Langseth, who previously collaborated with Vikander on two Swedish-language titles, “Pure” and “Hotel.” Vikander will star opposite Eva Green (“Casino Royale,” Tim Burton’s forthcoming “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”), as sisters in conflict travelling through Europe toward a mystery destination.

Vikander said: “It is a profound story about the journey of two estranged sisters, full of suffering but also full of joy, and squaring up to very important subject matter. It also has compelling female voices and is packed to the rafters with female talent both sides of the camera.”

“Euphoria” is a Swedish/U.K./Germany production by B-Reel Films, Vikarious Productions, Dancing Camel (Christine Ruppert), Sveriges Television, Svensk Filmindustri, Reel Ventures and Filmregionen Stockholm-Mälardalen. In collaboration with Wild Bunch Germany and in association with Dorian Media Limited. With support from the Swedish Film Institute. Nordic distribution by Svensk Filmindustri.

Vikarious plans to produce a further two titles within the next two years. Collier said: “We hope to make good on our intention of bringing together a team of brilliant women to lead the creative process. We are in active discussions already on a number of other projects and have been most grateful for the industry support and encouragement we have been receiving.

“In recent years audiences have come to know Alicia’s performances for their extraordinary emotional nuance, profound sense of understanding, range of light and shade, and reservoirs of compassion. She brings to our work with Vikarious all of these talents together with her exceptional brain for business and for production.”