VENICE, Italy —“Los Nadie” (“The Nobodies”), a first work by Colombian director Juan Sebastian Mesa about five street punks who are street artists in Medellin, is the winner of the Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week prize.

Shot in black and white in seven days on a declared $2,000 budget, “The Nobodies” depicts Colombia’s so-called anarcho-punks, who belong to what Mesa called “one of the most enigmatic and radical movements of our time.” The film “speaks about a generation of disenchanted dreamers that feel the need to embrace the unknown and to explore the world by themselves,” Mesa, 27, said in a statement.

The winner of the Critics’ Week prize is chosen by the audience.

The independently run Venice section also gave out a best technical contribution prize this year, which went to Tunisian video artist/director Ala Eddine Slima’s “The Last of Us,”  about an African immigrant’s voyage towards Europe.

This prize, which was decided by a panel of Italian critics, underscored “the admirable photography of Amine Messadi and the decisive contribution of Moncef Taleb and Yazid Chabbi for the sound, that constitute a real alternative to narration in a film without dialogues,” the statement said.

The Venice Film Festival’s official selection prizes will be announced Saturday.