LIMA – Peru’s Daniel and Diego Vega, the filmmaking brothers behind hits “October” and “El Mudo” are shooting their next pic “La Bronca” entirely in Canada. Canada’s Nicolas Comeau of 1976 Productions, Colombia’s Daniel Garcia of Dia-Fragma and Miguel Valladares of Tondero Films in Peru are co-producing the family drama along with the Vega brothers’ Maretazo Cine.

Diego and Daniel Vega are also tapping coin valued at some $170,000 that they received last year from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture’s audiovisual division, which administers a $3 million annual fund.

Loosely based on Daniel Vega’s past experience, “La Bronca” (provisionally translated to “The Clash”) takes place during six months when a son visits his estranged father in Canada. Story is set in 1992, a time of political upheaval in Peru when its then president Alberto Fujimori staged an ‘auto-coup,’ dissolving the national congress and judiciary in order to assume full legislative and judicial powers. Politics is not at all front-and-center in the story but it takes place within the context of the diaspora of Peruvians during that era, said Daniel Vega.

“This is more about an upper middle-class family, living in their bubble,” he said. Given its mainly Peruvian cast, this will be the first truly Peruvian film shot in Canada. Dialogue will be in Spanish and English.

Budgeted between $1 million to $1.5 million, principal photography for “La Bronca” is slated for early 2017. “We’re going to need sun and snow so we might have to shoot in different seasons,” said Diego Vega, who is also penning a four-episode TV series for Spain’s Movistar Plus.

The brothers jointly penned “Guerrero,” the upcoming biopic from Tondero Films about the life of Paolo Guerrero, Peru’s leading soccer player, now playing for Rio’s Flamengo Club.