Korean-Canadian actress Sandra Oh, acclaimed for her work on the hit TV series “Grey’s Anatomy,” for which she won a Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild awards, and the feature film “Sideways,” scores her first executive producer credit with the TIFF Special Presentation title “Window Horses (The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming),” in which she also voices the title character. The film is directed by Vancouver-based animator Ann Marie Fleming. The film screens Friday.

Why did you decide to expand your portfolio into producing?

Simple — I wanted to help Ann Marie get her film made because I believe in it so much. I was sitting on my couch reading the screenplay in tears at the end and I knew I had to do whatever I could to help. And that meant helping her get cast, helping her raise money and awareness and promotion for the film.

What was there about this project that appealed to you?

“Window Horses” hits all the things that are important to me: it’s pro-girl, pro-tolerance, pro-diversity and PRO-ART!! My nieces are mixed race and it’s very important to me that they see themselves represented in this society. The power of art. How through poetry a young woman could learn more about her culture, her estranged father and herself. And this film believes in peace and understanding of different cultures, that healing comes through connection.

You perform on television, in feature films and in the theater. What are the different challenges involved in being a voice talent for an animated feature?

Performing voice for animation is so freeing! I love it so much because it is immediate and intimate and you don’t have to look good doing it, ha! You can be comfy in your sweats. Animation work is a very specific skill. You have to channel all your character’s expression, nuance and color into the small slot of a microphone. The best V/O actors must have a great sense of timing. And skill and understanding of how to use one’s voice.

What other projects are in the pipeline for you?

Right now I’m at TIFF with two film projects: “Window Horses” and the dark comedy “Catfight” by Onur Tukel. I’ve been doing plays lately and am actively workshopping the new play “Wild Goose Dreams” by Hansol Jung and will be in the upcoming production of “Office Hour” by Julia Cho. And there are a couple of potential TV projects that I’ve been working on, but it’s too soon (and too secret) to say.