San Sebastian: Argentina’s Diego Dubcovsky Co-Produces Carlos Ameglio’s ‘Kiken’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Sci-fi project marks Uruguayan outfit Salado's first foray into genre film production

Courtesy of Salado

Varsovia Films, the Buenos Aires-based outfit run by Argentine producer Diego Dubcovsky (“The Motorcycle Diaries,” “The Broken Embraces,” “Truman”) has boarded Carlos Ameglio’s project “Kiken,” which marks Uruguayan outfit Salado’s first foray into genre film production.

As a project, “Kiken” featured last year at both the San Sebastian’s Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum and Austin’s Fantastic Market. The entry of Mexican and German co-production partners in the project is currently under negotiations.

A first draft of the script has been penned by Salado founder Carlos Ameglio alongside Argentine film and TV writer Leonel D’Agostino (“Black Snow”).

Described as a visceral film, and conceived as a rollercoaster whose energy never wanes, “Kiken” follows a couple attempting to rekindle their relationship in a small fishing village, where a mysterious Japanese ship runs aground and releases a substance which mutates the hamlet’s inhabitants.

Set to partially shoot in vast “Mad Max”-ish sand-dunes on Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, “Kiken’s” pre-production and filming dates are tentatively scheduled for first half 2018, according to Salado producer Mariana Secco, responsible for titles such as Alvaro Bretchner’s “Mr. Kaplan” and Manuel Facal’s “High Five.”

Multi-hyphenate Carlos Ameglio, a member of a first generation of Uruguayan filmmakers which grew up at Montevideo’s Cinemateca, debuted as feature film helmer with 2007’s “The Rind.” This year, Ameglio directed comedy TV series “Psiconautas” for Turner Broadcasting System Latin America. Ameglio also directs commercials for international clients.

In “Kiken,” Salado aims to combine Latin America’s energetic genre build with the high production values of the advertising sector.

“In Latin American film, we are not used to seeing movies with large post-production outlay, due to both a traditionally auteur style and budgetary constraints. However, for producers like Salado, who is used to working for the American and European advertising market, this is  commonplace,” Secco said.

“’Kiken’” will combine the best of both worlds, creating a unique precedent and allowing the birth of a whole new spectrum of films to be produced in the region,” she added.

Argentine producer Diego Dubcovsky teamed in 1995 with Daniel Burman to launch company DB Cine, a driving force behind New Argentine Cinema. Currently, Dubcovsky manages Varsovia Films, which is presenting at San Sebastian 2016’s Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum Javier Van de Couter project “7:35,” about two former students attempt to track down the author of their school massacre.