Cannes: Outsider, Strand Take U.S. On ‘Nise’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Digital Works acquires rights to Japan on ‘Nise - The Heart of Madness’

Outsider, Strand Take U.S. On ‘Nise

A Tokyo Fest Grand Prix winner, Roberto Berliner’s “Nise: The Heart of Madness” has been co-acquired for U.S. distribution by Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing. Outsider and Canada’s AZ Films have also picked up Canadian rights. In a separate deal, Digital Works will release “Nise” in Japan.

Gloria Pires, a famed Brazilian Globo telenovela and film actress, stars as Dr. Nise da Silveira,  jailed for six years as an alleged communist, who took over the occupational therapy wing at a hospital in Brazil in the ‘40s, treating schizophrenics, and rejecting traditional electro-shock treatment in favor of painting and giving patients street dogs. Patients’ paintings  influenced modern art in Brazil.

“Gloria Pires is amazing as Nise. It’s one of those films that as soon as it’s over, you want to know more about the work she did and what happened to her patients,” said Hudson.

Strand and Outsider plan a limited theatrical release in the U.S. in late 2016. Digital Works will also open ‘Nise’ theatrically.

Pires  won best actress at Tokyo. Documaker Berliner’s first fiction feature, “Nise” also took the 2015 Rio Film Festival’s Audience Award.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Outsider Pictures and Strand Releasing. Paul has shown great success releasing Latin American titles and Strand has a huge reach on the VOD market,” said “Nise” producer Rodrigo Letier, at Rio de Janeiro’s TV Zero that produced breakout middle-class teen call girl hit “Bruna Surfistinha,” which grossed $12.4 million in Brazil.

TV Zero also co-produced Julien Temple’s “Rio 50 Degrees, Carry on CaRIOca,” partnering with London’s F&ME.