Lima Festival: Film Factory Acquires Ana Katz’s Comedy ‘Sueño Florianopolis’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Set in the '90s, the Argentina-Brazil co-production rolls from March in Brazil's Atlantic island city

Ana Katz
Courtesy of Ana Katz

Comedy “Sueño Florianopolis,” the next feature by Argentine actress-writer-director-producer Ana Katz, whose film “My Friend from the Park” won a screenwriting award at Sundance 2016, will be internationally sold by Vicente Canales’ Film Factory Entertainment.

Scheduled to roll from March, mainly on location in Brazil’s Atlantic island city of Florianopolis, the Argentine-Brazilian co-production teams Nicolas Avruj’s Buenos Aires-based outfit Campo Cine, Ana Katz’s Laura Cine and Brazil’s Prodigo Films and Groch Filmes.

Set in the ‘90s, “Sueño Florianopolis,” which is written by Ana Katz and brother Daniel Katz, toplines Mercedes Moran (“Betibu”) and Gustavo Garzon (“Story of a Clan”) as an Argentine couple that, though in mid-crisis, are tempted by a highly favourable exchange rate, to travel to Brazilian tropical beaches along with their two teenage kids in a plucky Renault 12 with no air conditioning, driving 1,000 miles to Florianapolis.

There, they will meet with a former couple, now only friends, played by Brazilian thesps Marco Ricca (“Tropical Paradise”) and Andrea Beltrao (“Chato. The King of Brasil”). The relationship generates a kind of rarefied friendship between the two couples, prompting a series of emotional encounters and sexual exchanges.

“It’s a comedy in which there is something of a portrait of an era that seems close but has gone, but which gives us the possibility to think of a world without cell phones and Internet,” Ana Katz told Variety.

She added that this adds humour to even the the way people meet, or rent a house in another country, “things that seem almost surreal seen from today’s point of view,”

According to Katz, this is a genuine Argentina-Brazil co-production, where the language will be the portuñol -a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish – a language used by two countries that are neighbours but, “beyond soccer rivalries -which are also part of the film- don’t think the same way,” she said.

Barcelona-based Film Factory, which sold recent Argentine hits such as “Wild Tales” and “The Clan,” will handle “Sueño Florianopolis” worldwide rights outside Argentina and Brazil.

“I really liked the script for its originality and freshness. I’m sure the film will have an excellent international career and will participate in the best festivals,” Canales said.

The film has won a production grant from the bilateral Brazil-Argentina co-production fund, backed by Brazil’s Ancine and Argentina’s Incaa film agencies, as well as an Ibermedia development award.

One of the leading lights of a wave of distaff directors that has galvanized the New Argentine Cinema, Ana Katz is attending the Lima Film Festival, where “My Friend from the Park” receives a gala screening.

Having worked as an actress in two films already released in 2016 – Juan Fernandez Gebauer and Nicolas Suarez’s Argentine soccer drama “Hijos nuestros” and Paco Leon’s Spanish comedy “Kiki: Love to Love” –  the multifaceted Katz has a busy upcoming schedule.

Teaming with Ines Bortagaray – co-author with Katz of “My Friend from the Park” – and Nicolas Tacconi, Ana Katz is developing the screenplay of “Almendra,” a children’s feature film project.

As a director, Katz has signed on for the experimental film “El perro que no calla” (working title), an omnibus work shot in black and white which takes her back to the university days, she said. Brother Daniel Katz stars.

Finally, in September Ana Katz will direct her partner Daniel Hendler, winner of a best actor Berlin Silver Bear for Daniel Burman’s “Lost Embrace,” in a TV movie for Fundacion Huesped, an Argentine HIV-positive aide org, which she co-penned, again alongside Bortagaray.