ANNECY— At least 18 French TV toon shows have aired this year in the U.S., either on dedicated animation channels such as Nickelodeon or via video-streaming platforms. Introduced to the market at Annecy’s Mifa, or one of companies banner productions at the animation market, some of the titles below will no doubt follow suit. 


Also a co-producer on Annecy competition entry “My Life as a Courgette,” Angoulême/Montreal-based Blue Spirit Animation offers a tale of magic and chivalry for children. FORMAT: 52 X 11’ SALES COMPANY: Blue Spirit Productions


Millimages is teaming with South Korea’s CJ Entertainment to co-produce animated series “Cherry Coco,” based on the emoticon sticker character created by Sumi Park, and entering on a joyful little girl who sets off each day with her friends to explore the fantasy world of her own imagination. Millimages and CG Entertainment formally sign off on the coproduction agreement at MIFA. FORMAT: 78 x 7’ SALES AGENT: Millimages


A TV spin-off from the Academy Award nominated feature produced by Didier Brunner’s top upscale production company Folivari, a tale of unprejudiced friendship between a frumpy bear and fiesty mouse told in delicate watercolour 2D. Ready for delivery in May 2017, and already sold to 25 countries to date. FORMAT: 26 x 13’ SALES COMPANY: Dandelooo


Paris and L.A.-based CGI studio TeamTO is in development on “Jade Armor,” centering on the battle against dark forces lead by young teen girl Cho Yu. A girl-powered creative team includes producer Corinne Kouper, director Chloe Miller and head writer Rebecca Hobbs. FORMAT: 52 x 11 SALES AGENT:  TeamTo


Paris and London-based Zodiak Kids Studios co-produces with Asian studio Animasia (Malaysia), DeAgostini Publishing and Rainbow (Italy) and Planeta (Spain) the series, which is comissioned by Lagardère’s Gulli (France) and DeAgostini’s Super (Italy). Treated unfairly by her older sisters, seven-year-old Ginger uses a magic key to travel to the enchanted land of Magiki where she is the beloved princess and her friends and toys her loyal subjects. FORMAT: 52 x 11’ SALES AGENT: Zodiak Kids


Sold to Canal Plus and TF1, (France), TV3 (Catalonia), WDR (Germany), Teletoon (Poland), VRT (Belgium). Travelling detective comedy with 10-years-old Mirette, always backed up by her lazy but extremely efficient ginger tomcat. Action, humour and adventures from over the world. FORMAT: 52 x 11’ SALES AGENT: Cyber Group Studios


Comissioned by Canal Plus, “Miru” is the star product at Annecy of Paris-based shingle Mediatoon Intl. Distribution. An edutainment adventure featuring a little sea otter, soft graphics and haikus poetry served up in a Folimage and Belvision production. FORMAT: 50X5’ SALES COMPANY: Mediatoon


Fifth season of blue cat Oggy’s relentless battle against the cockroaches, culminating, to date, almost 20 years of production, 300 episodes and two features which have made the successful slapstick animated series the signature series at Marc du Pontavice’s Xilam Animation. Eternal Oggy confronts past legends such as Cesar and Leonardo da Vinci. FORMAT: 234 x 7’ SALES COMPANY: Xilam Animation


The first TV show from Superprod’s new studio facility in Angoulême, already pre-sold, backed by Canal Plus and based on the smartphone game, “Pat the Dog” — about the adventures of Pat and his mistress Lola– is one of the most awaited projects on the slate of Superights, an upscale sales house launched by former Alphanim exec Clément Calvet. First images will be available at MIFA. “Mifa is a great place for us to show what our studio is capable of,” Calvet said. FORMAT: 78 x 7’ SALES COMPANY: Superights


A 2D/3D half-hour series from Les Armateurs, one if France’s best-known prestige animation prioducers, set in 11th century Normandy and turnings on the adventures of a 12-year-old William the Conqueror. FORMAT: 13 X 26’ SALES: Les Armateurs


From Go-N, founded by Eric Garnet and Anne de Galard in 2004, “Simon” is a pre-school sitcom based on the bestselling books by Stephanie Blake and published by L’Ecole des Loisirs. Modern classics, Blake’s books are read in more than 20 countries. Currently in production, and detailing the ups-and-downs of charming little rabbit Simon, will be fully launched at Mip Junior. FORMAT: 52 X 5’ SALES COMPANY: Go-N


Produced by video-game publisher SEGA and Technicolor Animation Productions (formerly OuiDO Productions), Lagardére Studios Distribution offers the second season of this CG-animated series starring SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Tons of adrenaline for tykes with Sonic Boom comedic adventures, involving constant clashes with evil Dr. Eggman and his bots. First season is available on Hulu since April. FORMAT: 52×11’ SALES AGENT: Lagardére Studios Distribution


Based on the amusing best-selling six books from Jennifer and Matthew Holm, published by Random House, “Squish” features an amoeba trying to survive in a merciless single cell organisms environment. Produced by the classy Cottonwood Media, a division of Pascal Breton’s Federation Entertainment mini-studio exploring a France-U.S. creative and industry axis, “Squish” is pre-sold to Gulli and Teletoon. John Derevlany (“Lego: Legend of China”) show-runs FORMAT: 52 x 11’ SALES AGENT: Federation Kids & Family


Ankama sister animation company Planet Nemo Animation is linking  with Tezuka company to produce  a series based on one of kids’ all-time superheros, in a new pre-school version. With the Eath’s eco-systems endangered, a super-powered robot boy, his robot kitten wacky Kitty and child prodigy Suzu fly to rescue.  Based on the famous character created by Osamu Tezuka FORMAT: 52 x11’ SALES AGENT: Planet Nemo /Tezuka Co.


Inspired by picture books illustrated by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Dudok De Wit (“Father and Daughter”). A poetic depiction of a singular frindship between young boy Oscar and Hoo, his cloud friend, who set off together to discover the fascinating world of emotions. Targeting older pre-schoolers. FORMAT: 52 x 11 SALES AGENT:  Normaal


Pre-bought worldwide by Turner’s Boomerang and France Télévisions. Dialogue-free “Grizzy” follows a bear who has taken up residence in a forest ranger’s hut in the Canadian forest, a paradise on earth – the bear thinks – whose occupation is only disputed by a pesky tribe of lemmings. For 6-10 kids. The official international release will be in October at Mipcom Jr.  FORMAT: 78 x 7’ SALES AGENT:  Studio Hari