San Sebastian: France’s Films Distribution Boards ‘Life and Nothing More’

Set-up at Madrid-based Aqui y Alli Films, producers of 'Magical Girl,’ movie marks director Antonio Mendez Esparza's Follow-up toCannes Critics’ Week winner 'Aqui y Alla’

San Sebastian: Films Distribution Boards 'Life
Courtesy of Aqui y Alli Films

SAN SEBASTIAN  Prominent Paris-based sales agent Films Distribution has inked with Madrid-based production company Aqui y Alli Films to acquire international sales rights on “Life and Nothing More,” Spaniard Antonio Mendez Esparza’s follow-up to “Aqui y Alla,” Cannes 2012 Critics Week winner.

“Aqui y Alla” was also selected for the San Sebastian Festival’s 2012 Horizontes Latinos player.

The deal, announced Wednesday at San Sebastian, re-teams THE French sales agent with the producers behind “Aqui y Alla”

(pictured) and Carlos Vermut’s “Magical Girl,” the 2014 San Sebastian Golden Shell winner, which Films Distribution sold widely at the international market.

“Life and Nothing More” will turn on a 30-year-old Afro-American single mother, living in humble circumstances in the north of Florida with her three sons, with a past that refuses to leave her, trying to make ends meet while battling the monotony routine and difficulties of everyday life.

Following the premises of “Aqui y Alla” – Mendez Esparza’s feature debut, which turned on a Mexican immigrant returning home after working for years in the U.S.-, the new project sets the drama this time against the background of the upcoming presidential elections in the U.S., Pedro Hernandez Santos, producer at Aqui y Alli Films, told Variety.

To film the project Stateside, Madrid’ outfit Aqui y Alli Films has launched a Florida-based production subsidiary company, which will hire cast and crew members, Hernandez Santos added.

Starting Oct. 23, the film will roll for eight weeks in Tallahassee, Florida, with a U.S. non-professional cast and a mainly European crew. “Life and Nothing More” has already won a grant from the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

“’Life’ has a rhythm and tension that will also makes it commercial. The fact of filming in English and addressing relevant issues in a current U.S. context opens up the market for the film,” Hernandez Santos said.

“We are very proud to be working again with Pedro Hernandez Santos after our wonderful collaboration on ‘Magical Girl.’ We fully trust him to produce a striking second film from the acclaimed Antonio Mendez Esparza,” Films Distribution’s François Yon said in a statement.