Celina Murga Seeks Foreign Actress for Martin Scorsese-Inspired ‘Irene’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Movies is based on Roberto Rossellini’s movie but soon depart from the original

Courtesy of Cepa Audiovisual

SAN SEBASTIAN — Argentina’s Celina Murga, whose 2014 Berlin competition player “The Third Side of the River” was exec produced by Martin Scorsese, is seeking a foreign actress to star in her next film, “Irene.”

One highlight of this week’s San Sebastian’s 5th Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, “Irene” is inspired by Roberto Rossellini and Scorsese, more particularly Scorsese’s reflections in “Voyage to Italy” on Rossellini’s “Europe ’51.” “Irene” is a ‘re-reading or visit to ‘ Europa ’51, seen from the present and set, in this case, in contemporary Argentina,” Murga said.

But Murga looks set to depart quite quickly from Rossellini’s original which reflects his ardent Catholicism, she observed in San Sebastian.

In Rossellini’s original, the eponymous heroine ends up interned in a psychiatric ward. Murga’s Irene, who also suffers the death of her son, but by suicide not because of a moment of carelessness, may enjoy a happier destiny.

Married into Buenos Aires well-to-do middle class, Irene, 45. returns to university, studying at a state-backed institution on the fringes of Buenos Aires with students 20 years younger from diverse social backgrounds.

“Irene has dedicated her life to her son and, socially, lived through her husband,” Murga said.

She added: “Now she discovers a wider world in social terms discovers an inner strength. This new world finally offers Irene the opportunity to give her life some kind if meaning.”

Buenos Aires-based Tresmilmundos Cine, the label owned by Murga and off-screen partner Juan Villegas, will produce with Cepa Audiovisual, run by Andres Longares and Felicitas Raffo, who presented “Irene” with Murga at San Sebastian.

A foreign actress playing Irene would create a more dramatic state of isolation after the death of her son, Murga argued. The films international co-production structure may be determined by the nationality of her lead, she added.

“Irene” marks the second collaboration between Tresmilmundos Cine and Cepa Audiovisual which will produce “Villa Gesell,” “a remarriage comedy” according to Villegas, about an ex-couple, both in their early thirties, who separated a short time before the movie begins. They find out they’re both staying in the same block of flats in their families’ summer homes in Villa Gesell.

“Irene’s” screenplay will be ready for Berlin, Murga said.