Beefing up its slate at the Cannes market, Arab marketing and distribution company Mad Solutions has acquired pan-Arab distribution rights to Saudi Arabian Ahd Kamel’s directorial debut “My Driver and I.”

“My Driver and I” is the story of Salma, a young, privileged and rebellious Saudi girl, and her African driver, Gamar, who left his family and moved to Jeddah, Saudia Arabia to earn his a living as a driver. Shooting of the autobiographical film, which will provide a rare glimpse of Saudi society and social fabric, is currently under way in Jeddah. The distribution agreement was made directly with Kamel, whom Mad Solutions represents.

Kamel, who is a New York-trained Saudi multi-hyphenate, is known for her role as a teacher in Haifaa Al Mansour’s “Wadjda,” which is considered the first film to come out of Saudi, where cinemas are banned. As a director, she drew attention with her 2013 short “Sanctity,” which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.