Italian director Ivan Cotroneo’s “One Kiss,” which tackles universal themes of homophobia and bullying in high school, has sold to a slew of territories, including the U.S., U.K., and France where it will be handled by specialty distributor TLA Releasing.

In “Kiss,” three 16-year-olds, Lorenzo, Blu and Antonio, outsiders for different reasons, forge a friendship and fend off insults and bullies. When Lorenzo makes it clear he has feelings for Antonio, the dynamics of their bond change.

Italo sales company True Colours has also inked deals on “Kiss” for Germany and Austria (Pro-Fun); Benelux (Arti Film);  Australia and New Zealand (Palace), and Poland (Tongariro).

Cotroneo is known internationally as the scribe of Italy’s hit TV show “Crazy for Love,” featuring Bollywood-style musical numbers. He is also among writers of Luca Guadagnino’s “I am Love.” “Kiss,” which was co-produced by Indigo Films (“The Great Beauty”) and Lucky Red, is his second feature after “Kryptonite!.”