Bridging the Dragon, the increasingly effective platform seeking to forge closer strategic ties between film industries in Europe and China, has announced the second batch of projects selected to participate in its Sino-European content lab.

The lab comprises six projects from Europe and six from China deemed suitable for co-production or co-financing.

It will consist of two four-day residential workshops prior to the next Beijing and Venice film festivals. Top notch writing and production-packaging tutors include Lu Wei (pictured), the scribe known for “Farewell My Concubine” and “Tuya’s Marriage,” among other titles; Universal Pictures International production manager Mercy Liao; and Studiocanal China topper Emilie Blezat. The Beijing lab will take place April 16-19.

Last year’s first Bridging the Dragon projects prompted high-profile China-Denmark co-prod, “My Best Friend Andersen,” on which Zentropa teamed up with China’s Jetavana Entertainment and Sheng-Wei Media. Pic will mark the directorial debut of hitmaking scribe-turned helmer Shu Huan (“Lost in Thailand,” “Lost in Hong Kong”).

The European projects are:

Norwegian animated family adventure “The Sea Monster Who Couldn’t Swim,” produced by Maipo Film.

Forbidden love saga “Qingdao,” produced by Germany’s Eikon West. Set during the Boxer Uprising in 1900 in China.

Romancer “San Mao,” to be helmed by Dutch director Paula Van der Oest (“Zus & Zo”), produced by Lowland Holding BV of the Netherlands. Inspired by the life of female writer Chen Mao Ping, whose pen name was San Mao and her relationship with her Spanish husband.

Dinosaur toon “Diplodocus,” produced by Poland’s Human Ark in tandem with Walking the Dog of Belgium. About a young dinosaur who searches for his parents and finds his own place in the world.

Adventure pic “Love of Alps,” to be directed by Dan Tang (“I Phone You”).  Co-produced by Germany’s Embassy of Dreams Filmproduktion and China’s Flying Color Motion Picture. A Goddess of Mercy statue brings five disparate characters together in an emotional rollercoaster involving GT supercars.

True-story revenge thriller “Kinkaseki,” being produced by the UK’s Bright Cold Day Films (“Containment”).

The Chinese projects are:

Female revenge drama “Dust to Dust,” produced by Zeng Zeng Media.

Mother-son drama “Springtime for Lily,” produced by Chengdu Guangxin Le Chuang. A Chinese mother released after 8-years of wrongful imprisonment goes on a quest to look for her son in the Netherlands. She cannot speak English and has 15 days to find him.

Mob and love movie “Live Again in Italy,” produced by China’s Handcraft Films. A Chinese young man and woman in Italy to escape from their past fall prey to a Mafia trap that becomes a life changing experience.

Soccer comedy “My Team VS. Real Madrid,” produced by JuBen Pictures. Toilet salesman Cao Yunfei accidentally invests 200 Euros in a La Liga soccer team in Spain and eventually goes there with friends to watch his team play.

Adventure pic “Da Ming Treasure Ship: Guardian Stone,” produced by 1905 Pictures. A a ten year-old boy living with a tribe on a secluded island in the Indian Ocean longs to see the world. Complications ensue.

Romancer “Ivory Love,” produced by Yunnan Lucent Pictures. Taboo-breaking historical romancer involving a French architect and a Chinese officer’s daughter.