Ventana Sur: ‘Immutable Evil,’ ‘Guardian,’ ‘Elf,’ ‘Under Your Feet’ Set for 2016 Blood Window

Latin America genre powerhouses Argentina and Mexico dominate section

Pablo Illanes
Courtesy: Blood Window

Argentina’s “The Immutable Evil,” “The Guardian,” and “Under Your Feet” and Colombia’s “The Elf” are among a 16-project lineup at the 4th Blood Window, one of Latin America’s strongest industry pushes to consolidate a prime export assets: Genre movies.

Playing Blood Window’s Beyond the Window co-pro forum, as the other titles, “The Inmutable Evil” is a psychological thriller lead-produced by Argentina’s Red Elephant Films and Guante Negro Films and to be directed by Matías Salinas whose debut, “Omen,” took Best Latin American Feature at the Nocturna Film Fest 2015.

“I want to experience the detective genre through psychological terror, where childhood trauma, the ghosts of the past, unhealthy obsession and sexual prejudice construct the most genuine of horrors,” Salinas said. Now shooting “Parallel,” starring Martin Wallstrom (“Mr Robot”) and Georgia King (“Vice Principals,” “Kill Your Friends”), Isaac Ezban produces “Evil”.

Winner of the first Argentine Fantastic Genre Film Competition launched last year by the INCAA Argentine Film Institute, “Guardian,” (aka “La casa acecha”) will be directed by Mariano de Rosa, Mar del Plata’s Fipresci Price for omnibus feature “Bad Times”

“With this story I would like to explore one particular kind of horror. What would happen if the people most precious to us, those who should protect us, do not?,” Rosa  said. Habitación 1520, whose credits include Benjamín Ávila’s “Clandestine Childhood,” produces.

“Under Your Feet” is directed by Cristian Bernard (“76-89-03,” “D-Graduated”) and set up at Roberta Sánchez’s 16:9 Films. The horror film following a young widow who decides to move into an old building and leave her past behind in order to alleviate her grief at loss.

One of the highest-profile horror projectors coming out of Colombia, “The Elf” is set in lost landscapes rich in ancient myths and evil spirits. Jorge Navas, whose debut, ”Blood and Rain,” was nominated for the Lion of the Future Award at Venice, directs this production of Diego Ramírez, a producer on Carlos Moreno’s “Dog Eat Dog,” and Nancy Fernández’s at 64-A Films.

Projects awaited with interest include, from Chile, both Pablo Illanes’ horror thriller “The Grave” and Cristóbal Echevensko’s sci-fi movie “The Horribles,” as well as Fiona Pittaluga’s “Dark Lights,” from Uruguay, and Mexican Gustavo Moheno’s fantasy horror pic “Melissa,” his follow-up popular chiller “Hasta el viento tiene miedo.”

The lineup underscores Mexico and Argentina’s status as Latin America’s genre powewrhouse. Both account for six projects. Colombia, Chile and Brazil follow with two a piece. Projects range widely from straight arrow scare fare to more upscale auteur fantasy features.

This year’s selection takes in a slew of lesser-known young directors as genre continues to explode s a favoured production type among younger Latin Americans.

Blood Window runs Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 in Buenos Aires.


“Agua dos porcos” (“Water Pigs”) Roly Santos. Dark thriller. Brazil, Argentina.

“Bajo tus pies” (“Under Your Feet”). Cristian Bernard. Horror. Argentina.

“Bayle” Pablo Gozalves. Thriller. Bolivia.

“Cabo Home” (“The Lost Cape”). Roque Cameselle. Horror. Spain, Argentina, France.

“Crisálida” (“Chrysalis”). Fernando Montes de Oca, Xavier Sánchez Mercado. Supernatural chiller. Mexico.

“El día que fuimos sangre” (“The Day We Were Blood”). Carlos García Campillo. Horror. Mexico

“El duende” (“The Elf”). Jorge Navas. Fantasy horror. Colombia

“El guardián” (“The Guardian”). Mariano de Rosa. Horror. Argentina

“El mal inmutable” (“The Immutable Evil”). Matías Salinas. Psychological horror. Argentina, Mexico

“Feral” (“Feral”). Andrés Eichelmann Kaiser. Thriller mockumentary. Mexico.

“La fosa” (“The Grave”). Pablo Illanes. Horror thriller. Chile

“Las horribles” (“The Horribles”). Cristóbal Echevensko. Horror sci-fi. Chile

“Luces malas” (Dark Lights”). Fiona Pittaluga. Horror. Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil

“Melisa.” Gustavo Moheno. Fantasy horror. Mexico

“San Buenaventura” (“San Buenaventura”). Alejandro Mares. Horror. Mexico

“Un ángel en la oscuridad” (“An Angel in the Darkness”). Raul G. Rodriguez. Thriller. Colombia, Spain.